Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 30 - Completed Forbidden Legend, Geirmund's Hall, Gloomreach, Old Hroldan, Reachcliff Cave, Reachwater Rock

Date: 7 October 2013
Start time: 10.29am
End time: 2.14pm
Total play time: 3 hr 45 min
Accumulated play time: 69 hr 29 min

It was a long weekend, so got a bit of time to play :o)

Ok what should I do? Yup will go to that Geirmund's Hall place to finish off this quest I accidentally opened up

Fast travel to the nearest spot...and then on foot of course....

Discovered Geirmund's Hall

LOL Got attacked without even noticing

A big hole in the ground

Got trapped under stair in the water and nearly drowned lol

Unlocked a door hoping to find the hints to the puzzle

Finally solved it...took so long lol

Was a bit lost...but finally figured out where to go. There is a lever hidden among some polygons lol

Ran into a boss! He keeps on shouting pushing me back...very annoying

Killed it...haya cannot pick up that item. The pointer was there but there was nothing to pick up.

Everything except the one showed by the pointer. The pointer stays there but there is nothing...haya

Will reload and do this annoying battle again

Did the whole battle again. Finally got the item...there is a note requiring reforging

Got some good loots too but now my pack is full

Even Faendel is full!

Need to throw away some sad...:o(

At least this place is cleared

Will now go sell a lot of things...

How come all the shop keepers only have so limited amount of cash? LOL

Shops in other places are not opened

Decide to store all of them in the wardrobe in my Arch-Mage Quarter

Found some people in the College who have the cash so sold some stuff to them :oD

Discovered Gloomreach

There are a lot of those Falmers inside here

Cleared the place :o)

Discovered Old Hroldan

Discovered Reachcliff Cave

Got attacked by a bear...killed it and oh guess what? I got all the 10 bear pelts for a side quest :oD

Faendal suggests to check out the cave

How come those zombies can use shout? That's weird....

Hm there is a door I couldn't get through...will come back later

Got out of the cave and ran into more bears

Discovered Reachwater Rock

Haya don't have the key to the door...

Oh the key is just next to the dead body lol

LOL Faendal doesn't like it again. Such a wuss. After all the travelling should have more faith in me LOL

Ok got another set of doors...luckily I do have the key so no dramas lol

Removed the amulets from inventory and got attacked and killed lol

So ill prepared lol

Finally killed all the enemies and got a Gauldur Amulet

Quest completed for Forbidden Legend :o)

Also Levelled Up! Now I am a Level 27 Imperial :o)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 29 - Crabber's Shanty, Robber's Gorge, Folgunthur

Date: 07 September 2013
Start time: 10.30pm
End time: 12.36pm
Total play time: 2 hr 6 min
Accumulated play time: 66 hr 14 min

Got a new shitty Prime Minister in Australia. Need some therapy in Skyrim.

Hm what to do now?

Maybe will go hunt some bandits...

Discovered Crabber's Shanty

Fisherman doesn't like my dangerous magic lol

Discovered Robber's Gorge

Hm bandit chief very tough but I just use my summon and Faendal killing him from far

Killed all the others too, can go collect bounty :)

Collected bounty but pretty budget after all that LOL

OK next will investigate the Bard's College

Discovered Folgunthur

Faendal suggests there might be gold inside LOL

Hm lots zombies in this area

Levelled up! I am now a Level 26 Imperial Male!

Found a dead body with an ivory claw. Used it to put down the draw bridge

Some traps guarding a nice chest. Got it he he :oP

More traps....

Someone keeps summoning those ice thingy but couldn't see where it came from...

Ah there is a lever embedded in one of the polygons LOL

Finally killed that thing lol

Hm puzzle....

Read a book and opened a new side quest. Oh I already got one of the items. One of the other ones is in this dungeon.

Locked door...he he got the key to open it :o)


Killed the mini boss here and obtained the item :o)

Oh learnt another word for my shout :oD

Dungeon cleared. :o)

Will call it a night :o)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 28 - The Break of Dawn (Completed), Movarth's Lair, Abandoned Shack, High Gate Ruins, Pale Imperial Camp, Mzinchaleft

Date: 16 August 2013
Start time: 10.50pm
End time: 0.45am
Total playtime: 1 hr 55 min
Accumulated playtime: 64 hr 8 min

Ok gonna do that cleansing thing now. Will see whether I would survive

To play safe have my fire atronach ready first

Entering the temple

Picked a lock and opened a wooden door after looting 20 gold from a corpse lol

A lever inside, so pulled it and heard some door opening sound from somewhere

Hm there is a jar with some light shining on it

Activated it and got another light beaming out...

Faendal doesn't like the look of this lol

Got attacked by a group of skeleton like things!

Ok dispatched them all. Another jar like pedestal. Activated it.

Got attacked by a ghostly thing, now know that they are shades

Unlocked another door and activated another lever....

Looted a chest with some great items :o)

Opened another door and it leads to a balcony. Faendal is impressed :o)

Stealth around the shades in the next area and activated another pedestal

Disarmed a trip wire and another activated another lever

Going over some bridges while being attacked by more shades from afar

Lucky Faendal and my fire atronach took care of them lol

Activated more pedestals...

This seems like a never ending place...

Faendal is warning me again...

Got ambushed and killed LOL

Should have listened to Faendal LOL

After several attempts finally killed all enemies and that annoying Malkoran

The corpses in this area has a lot of gold. Afterall it is all worth it LOL

Retrieved the Dawnbreaker and completed the task

Carrying too much to run LOL

Meridia is very happy and gave the Dawnbreaker to me :o)

Completed the Break of Dawn quest

Hm time to go and sell some stuff

Selling done....will continue with that ghost quest since it is dark

Fast travel to Morthal

Eh? How come it is day time here?

Haya will need to kill some time. Will go and explore...

Discovered Movarth's Lair

Of course Faendal wants to check it out

Hm lots of spiders....

Gees that Master Vampire is so strong....

Finally killed him after several attempts...

Hm the dungeon is not marked cleared but don't know what else could be done here. Killed everything already...

Will just go back outside

Discovered Abandoned Shack

Hm it's night time so would just go back to look for that little girl's ghost

Got attacked by a vampire. Killed her.

Her husband showed up and said he thought the vampire went to join the rebels...

The little girl said the vampire I killed was trying to rescue her and turn her

The husband told me to investigate someone called Alva because his wife saw her before she disappeared

Went and lock picked the house.

Found a coffin in the basement and found a journal....Oh that Movarth vampire is the person who is going to cause trouble...

LOL got caught by guards cos husband reported me. Anyway paid 15 gold to get out of trouble LOL

Need to go back to the Jarl now but she is sleeping

Haya have to wait till the morning...

Might go explore then

Discovered High Gate Ruins

Discovered Pale Imperial Camp

Discovered Mzinchaleft

Finally day light....

Will go back to Morthal now

Oh ok need go back to Movarth's Lair. I thought I killed everything inside there already?

Fast travelled back and killed Movarth for good now

Oh the ghost little girl showed up and said she is going back to her mum for sleep.

LOL my troops just arrived and are afraid to go in. So useless

Anyway I cleared that place already

Back to the Jarl and got 800 golds :oD

Might end the night on a good note!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 27 - Eldersblood Peak, North Cold Rock Pass, South Cold Rock Pass, Rannveig's Fast, Orotheim, Morthal, Apprentice Stone, Solitude Sawmill, Haafingar Stormcloak Camp,

Date: 09 August 2013
Start time: 8.41pm
End time: 11.24pm
Total play time: 2 hr 43 min
Accumulated play time: 62 hr 13 min

Ok will continue with that beacon thing now

Got attacked by a blood dragon and a bear

Faendal and my flame summon helped to kill him and absorbed a dragon soul :oD

Also got another bear pelt for another side quest :o)

Discovered Eldersblood Peak

Oh learnt a new word for another shout :oD

Now the frost trolls are so easy to kill LOL

Discovered North Cold Rock Pass

Will just check it out then :o)

Sneaked pass a frost troll and level up!

Now I am a Level 25 Imperial male!

Earned a trophy - Expert

Discovered South Cold Rock Pass

Discovered Rannveig's Fast

Got attacked by some spirits

They keep on saying it isn't what they want....

Trying to get to that dragon wall but fell into a trap

Killed that warlord and got out from another end

Hm need to go back and learn that shout. Must learn that shout!!!!!

Learnt a new word for peace! :oD

Discovered Orotheim

As usual decided to check it out LOL

Hm just some bandits inside. Pretty boring...the bandit chief has some good stuff though...

Ha ha jumped off a water fall and died. I thought you won't have that happening in a video game? LOL

Discovered Morthal

Hm people talked about some guy killed his son and wife in a fire and I of course agreed to look into it lol

Found the ghost of a girl and she wants to play hide and seek at night before telling me anything haya

Might as well go do something else instead of waiting

Discovered Apprentice Stone

Discovered Solitude Sawmill

Discovered Haafingar Stormcloak Camp

Discovered Statue of Meridia

Obviously Meridia is not happy with the state of her temple LOL

Gods in Skyrim are quite useless and whining LOL

Ok restoring the beacon

Haya need to eliminate foul corruptions again...

So much work to be done. Will save it for next time then LOL

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 26 - Azura's Star (Completed), Kjenstag Ruins, Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp, Ustengrav, Dragonborn (Completed)

Date: 27 July 2013
Start time: 8pm
End time: 11.27pm
Total play time: 3 hr 27
Accumulated play time: 58 hr 30 min

Another work week is over, so time for Skyrim again.

Ok decided to take it back to the the Azura's Shrine

Azura said the star was corrupted by Malyn's soul or something so I have to go in to purify it. What kind of god is she if she can't even cleanse her own artefact?

Anyway agreed to help.

Shit Faendal is not here. Only me and my summon and we are ambushed by mages....

Using a lot of potions to heal cos not enough time to cast magic and need magika to summon again and again

Quite messy indeed...

Finally killed all of them and before having a chance to loot was taken back Haya! LOL

Anyway now the star is clean and it is mine to use. Something called the Black Star....

Oh Aranea is now mine to command cos Azura's gave her the last vision and she needs to find a purpose :) Nice

OK what should I do next?...

Hm maybe that beacon again so far away.

Why do they have to be so far apart? LOL

Discovered Kjenstag Ruins

Discovered Hjaalmarch Stormcloak Camp

Oh got a new trophy - Explorer :oD

Got attacked by bandits but they are pretty low level - and one of them carries an apple pie! :oD

Discovered Ustengrav

Decided to check it out - lots of dead bodies inside. Not a good sign...

Hm the dungeon is very deep but the enemies are not particularly strong...

Oh learnt a new word on the wall :oD

He he there is a chest behind the water fall :oP

Oh some more ores to mine too :oD

Hm three stones lighting up and the gates opened....

Haya they close so quickly...maybe there is a switch somewhere....

Hm no switches around...what the?

Ok doors open when walking pass...

So I probably need to run pass them?

Haya couldn't run fast enough LOL so annoying LOL

Oh wait... that shout I learnt that can sprint forward...maybe should use that one...

LOL seems so but so out of practice with it....

After 6 times finally did it LOL. Must save first LOL

Faendal said he doesn't like the next area.

Eh why is the floor burning?

Shit attacked by huge spider...dead :oP

Must heal next time before fighting

Those floor traps are very annoying....

The next room is pretty and Faendal is impressed lol :oD

Ok there is something on the tomb thing...a note.

Need to go back to Riverwood and it seems I completed some tasks LOL

Don't even know that lol

Pack is really full. Need to sell some stuff first

Shit Adrianne Avenicci, the blacksmith got killed by a vampire!

Oh might as well just loot her stuff

Weird a courier just delivered some money to me as my inheritance...

Just reading some stuff while waiting for the sun to come out. Lots of people want to kill me in Skyrim LOL

And found out Adrianne Avenicci actually gave me that inheritance :o)

Went to Riverwood and talked to that mysterious person

Need to go kill another dragon, but before that would need to sell some stuff

Did some enchantment and sold some more stuff. Also made some potions just for selling them LOL

Took the horn back to Angrier first and then learnt a new word :o)

Got a trophy "Word of Power"

I think I will call it a night to end it on a good note :o)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 25 - Discovered Bleakwind Bluff, Rebel's Cairn, Azura's Star, Lost Valley Redoubt, Moss Mother Cavern, Hunter's Rest, Bannermist Tower, Evergreen Grove, Half Moon Mill, The Lady Stone

Date: 21 July 2013
Start time: 4pm
End time: 5.26pm
Total play time: 1hr 26 min
Accumulated play time: 55 hr 3 min

Been quite busy with work and life but then there is still a life in Skyrim. Just need to find time to live it.

Ok what should I do? Oh yeah continue with the side quest looking for that Legendary Scourge thing

Got out of that ruins and immediately got attached by wolves. But one hit killed by my fire atronach

Discovered Bleakwind Bluff

Got attacked by some mages immediately. My fire atronach immediately attacks while I hack them to death he he

Level up! No I am a Level 24 Imperial male!

Add point to health and save perk for later

Suddenly attacked by a leader that came out of nowhere. Only knew got sabotage when Faendal bravely fought off the enemy. Immediately went and help out!

Discovered Rebel's Cairn

Hm none of my weapons fit into this mechanism. Might need to find that weapon first and come back later....

Will go and find that Azura's Star first then

Ran into a hunter and bought a bear pelt for my other side quest lol

Discovered Lost Valley Redoubt

Got attacked by a cave bear but my atronach and Faendal killed him before he could reach me LOL

Just saw another dragon flew by!

Discovered Moss Mother Cavern

Valdr a hunter asked me to heal him and help him to recover his friends' bodies. Would just do that :o)

Got attacked by something called spriggan...

Helped him clear out the cave and he said if I need him he would be in Falkreath :o)

Discovered Hunter's Rest

Bought another bear pelt he he

Discovered Bannermist Tower

Got attacked by bandits, killed them all LOL

Read "Advances in Lock Picking by Unknown" and lockpicking increased! :oD

Discovered Evergreen Grove

Immediately got attacked by those spriggan things. Lucky they are weak against fire and the area is cleared :o)

Discovered Half Moon Mill

Eh? Another delivery from another courier? How come so randome? LOL

Discovered the Lady Stone

Ok it regenerates health and stamina more quickly. But I think I would stick with the thief levelling up ability for the time being

Discovered Ilinalta's Deep

There are lots of mages and skeletons in here.

Killed them and drowned myself while trying to unlock a door in the water LOL

Done and lost Faendal...wonder where he is...

Soldier on then...

Opened the next door...and WTF? Faendal is already in the next room? How did that happen????

Why are there so many mages in this area? LOL

Ok finally got the Azura's Star...they said I have two options what to do with to do?

Maybe will decide next time....

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 24 - Wreck of the Winter War, Rorikstead, Lund's Hut, Serpent's Bluff Redoubt, Moulderling Ruins

Date: 5 July 2013
Start time: 10am
End time: 11.02am
Total play time: 1 hr 2 min
Accumulated play time: 54 hr 37 min

It's been some job means less time for gaming and there are some new and old games I want to play (or continue to play): Disgaea 3, Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle, The Last o Us, Soul Sacrifice etc etc.

Too many games and too little time LOL

Will squeeze in an hour or so before my shift today

Ok will do some alchemy to learn new potions - alchemy increased! :oD

Met a woman who needs a mammoth's tusk. So happened to have one so gave it to her. Oh speechcraft increased :oD

Maybe will do a side quest or two...

Need to kill some bandits near a ship wreck.

Fast travel to the closest area.

Haya got ambushed by stupid bears and got killed. So annoying! The fire summon was so useless. Two hit and dead already

Will do it again but avoid those damn bears

Finally got to the shipwreck. LOL the bandits warning me to back off LOL but Faendal killed them before they got to my position LOL

Discovered Wreck of the Winter War

Going back to Winterhold for my bounty :o)

What's next....ok will go looking for some Legendary Scourge

Discovered Rorikstead!

Hm there is a whole cluster of locations here. Will check them all out

Gees got ambushed by a whole group of skeever! Summoned my familiar and killed them quickly

Discovered Lund's Hut

Entered the Hut a and got attacked by more skeevers. Oh Lund is lying on the bed. Looks like she is dead

Discovered Serpent's Bluff Redoubt

Got attacked by a whole bunch of enemies. Summon my flame atronach to deal with them.

Clear the area after two attempts. Just need to divide and kill when being ambushed

Went in the the Ruins - more bandits and traps. Those traps are really annoying. Lucky now I have my summon to check those out before tasting the punishment myself LOL

Found book and read it.  A new quest appeared for finding the Red Eagle's Sword

Discovered Mouldering Ruins

Got some vampires living inside there...

Cleared the vampires and the area is cleared! :oD

Need to get ready for work now...